Current Research


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Under Review

Madrid Jr., Raul, Jennifer L. Merolla, Aldo Yanez Ruiz, and Jean Reith Schroedel.
“Religious Candidates and Issue Preferences.”

Madrid Jr., Raul. “Media Coverage from the States: How the Tone of Media Reporting Changes as Demographics Shift.”

Working Papers

Lee, Dong-wook, Raul Madrid Jr., and Loren Collingwood. “The Political Geography of Wage Inequality and Public Opinion Toward Latinos: A Text Analysis Approach”

Madrid Jr., Raul. “Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Effect of Newspaper Coverage on
Immigration Policies at the State-level.”

Kraybill, Jeanine E., and Raul Madrid Jr. “Tweeting Executive-Congressional Relations: An Examination of Trump and Congressional Leadership’s Rhetoric on Healthcare.”